Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Back in Little Rock

Naomi had a 30 min EEG in Lowell that showed that she was having infantile spasms.. We went to Childrens in LR to see Dr. Sharp.  After 24hrs of being hooked up, he came in with the news that her EEG did not look good and that she was defiantely having Infantile Spasms.  He have us 2 option's on Medication vigabatrin or ACTH.. His recommendation was vigabatrin.. So we started her on this medication.  She could not handle the full dose so we had to cut it in half.  She became very lethargic and did not have a desire to eat or really do anything. She is having trouble with eating and it appears to regressing her developmental progress?  We have contacted Le Bohners Hospital in Memphins Tn and will be going there next week for 2nd opinion and to meet with Dietitian to try to Dial in her Keto Diet better.

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