Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Positive News

Noah & Naomi

Naomi is doing well.  She is over 30 days with no major seizures (praise the lord) & (keto diet)
She still has many challenges she faces each and every day with developmental issues, eye sight and wither her bowels; however she is doing much better.  She has a pretty full schedule with different types of therapy's each day.  We will be going back to Mephis in Nov for more testing and procedures.  We appreciate all the continued prayers and thoughts for her and our family.   She has taught us so many life lessons and we are blessed to have family near by to help out.  Noah has started kindergarten and  is loving school and is such a good big brother.  He constantly is helping out and concerned for her well being.  We are blessed to have such wonderful children,
God Bless

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