Saturday, December 1, 2012

Donations for Naomi Grace

We appreciate all the prayers for Naomi over the last year.  If you should feel led to help us with some medical expenses,equipment and care.  Most all of Naomi's medical bills have been covered by AR Kids Medicaid Program/Tefra, which is a great program for children with special needs and we are very thankful for these options.  However they will not cover any Mobility/Chairs/Wheelchairs until she is 2 years old, then it may be possible to get some help.  Naomi is due for a new mobility chair, as her infant stroller does not support her, the cost for this chair is $3,900 it is a very specialized chair that would give her much more support and allow us to move her without injuring her.  Above is the picture of the exact chair she will need for the next 12 months or so.  We will also have vehicle modifications with adding a mobility lift to our van to transport her chair which will be around $6,000 to add to our vehicle. We are trusting in the Lord he will continue to provide for us as he has thus far.  If you would like to donate to her fund, just click on the secure Pay Pal link below..

Thank You & God Bless,

Doug, Sara, Noah & Naomi